ALMA 2. This new album follows the path of the previous work. We can hear 17 songs: fifteen are original choir arrangements – songs by Jose Afonso, Amália Rodrigues, and from several other Portuguese-speaking artists, also from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique – and two instrumental themes for Portuguese guitar.

In this project Alma de Coimbra invited special guests: CANTEMUS – Youth Choir of the Municipality of Cantanhede, Rui Lúcio (percussion), Diana Guardado (flute) and Luis Arede (piano four hands). The recording took place in July 2013 at the Palácio de S. Marcos and was edited in Mastermix Studios in September and October.



“Alma” is a collection of lusophone themes, the first discographic record of  Alma de Coimbra and a “passionate journey” through Coimbra’s Song, Lisbon’s fado and the Portuguese traditional music.
Fifteen songs, fifteen original arrangements. Sung and played with our “soul.” With “our” sound. Remembering friends, the moments in East Timor and many others around the world. Opening the doors and spreading of our musical culture. Starting a cycle that will be continued soon: another recording with more song from the Lusophone world, and, certainly,  with more maturity.
Captured at the Palacio de S. Marcos, on the outskirts of Coimbra, in the first months of 2010. Produced and mixed in Tentúgal, the studio Mastermix. Presented at the Casino’s Auditorium in Lisbon on 16 June.



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